Hotmess TexMex

Tex-Mex ∙ Food Stall

Hotmess TexMex is an homage to the Texas Tex-Mex joints and roadhouses that dot the Mexican border. A cuisine blending tastes from both countries, Tex-Mex has often been misunderstood—Hotmess is out to to put it back on the pedestal it deserves!

The hardshell taco, being their specialty, is brought back to glory with their four unique versions including Hot Chicken and Pork Chorizo.

Have vegan or vegetarian guests? The Sweet Corn Taco is always available, you don't even have to request it! Their long list of sides can also be added to your menu—just mention it in your inquiry.

Hotmess is a great addition as a food station for any event; they’d be perfect to dish out late night snacks just when your guests start feeling peckish again.

Obviously these guys need to be at your office for Taco Tuesday! Book them right here.

Hotmess Hardshell Tex-Mex Taco All tacos loaded with: Jalapeno bean, pico de gallo, guacamole, chili con queso, lettuce, buttermilk ranch
Hot Chicken BBQ ranch slaw, southwest sauce
Pork Chorizo Charred pineapple, monterey jack
Street Corn Goat cheese, carrot slaw
Taco Beef Pico de Gallo, cheddar
B.L.T. Guacamole Bacon, lettuce, tomato
BBQ Ranch Slaw Cabbage, carrot, crispy tortilla, cheddar, BBQ ranch dressing
Churros Salted dulce de leche, ancho chocolate sauce
Dr Pepper Pork Quesadilla Ancho mayo, charred pineapple
Hot Chicken Quesadilla Valentina hot sauce, buttermilk ranch
Straight Up Guacamole Pico de Gallo, lime

Event Date:
Number of Guests:

Estimated Price:


Earliest Start Time: 10 AMLatest End Time: 2 AMSet-up Time: 2 Hours

Price: $16/Person
Minimum Order: $1000
Price covers 2-3 tacos per guest

Dietary Accommodations


Essential Requirements

Churros made in deep fryerElectricity Access (if possible)Propane Usage (electric alternative available)Stall Size: Minimum 8x10 ft

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